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How to make the most of 3DS v2

by Ingenico ePayments

3DS v2 will help online businesses improve their performance and streamline implementation of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which is due on 14 September 2019. Ingenico has broad expertise and support to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

There are many advantages for ecommerce players to foster greater customer engagement and increase conversions, if one follows the right approach. With our recommendations, 3D Secure is not a burden but a lucrative opportunity.


What has changed with 3D v2.1?

Version 2.1 of the 3D Secure protocol (3DS v2), mandated in Europe on 13 April 2019, aims to correct some of the shortcomings of 3DS v1 with the following features.

- More accurate decisions through greater data sharing

- Less disruptive authentication flows

- Support for more advanced use cases (i.e. biometrics)

One of the great leaps forward with 3DS v2 is that it introduces mobile SDKs that allow merchants to integrate the challenge flow directly into the mobile experience.

We've created a report that provides background on the history of 3D Secure, what has changed with the new version of the security protocol (v2.1) and how 3D Secure helps meet the imminent Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements under PSD2. Crucially, this report includes a section on how online businesses can take full advantage of the opportunities 3D Secure represents.

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How to make the most of 3DS v2

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